August 13, 2012

A sunday at Lalbagh

This Sunday we planned to visit the Lalbagh, a famous attraction of Bangalore for centuries, and sprawled over 240 acres. This is third time i visited Lal Bagh, but I think i have not covered up the complete garden. 

Our main aim was the flower show , which was actually  unbearably crowded. We parked our vehicle near the main gate and went inside.Even though we did not have our lunch we could not resist  going inside the park. Since it is a Sunday the entry fee was Rs. 40.  

The floral steps
There was a huge crowd near the glass house which stages flower show. Some how we went inside  More than enjoying the beauty of flowers, people are capturing the pictures , cant blame , there was a burst of colours with flowers. 

We searched for a good eatery inside the park which ended up in disappointment. After roaming here and there clicked some pictures and came out through a gate thinking that it was the gate we went in. While walking we realised that we came out through some other gate and suddenly rushed inside and caught by the security. Luckily the entry coupon was with us and we could convince him that we came out through the wrong gate. He told that there are 5 gates in the Lalbagh garden.  Nothing to surprise 240 ares should alleast    have that many gates.

Walked in the opposite direction and finally found out our gate,:-)

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